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JB Martin is a vertical mill with weaving, dyeing and finishing all under one roof. Based in Leesville, South Carolina, JB Martin is the largest and most sophisticated supplier of velvets to furniture manufacturers and decorative wholesalers in North America.

We work with most every fiber including Mohair, Linen, Wool, Cotton, Rayon, Solution Dyed and Dralon Acrylic, Conventional and IFR Polyester. JB Martin offers a tremendous variety of velvets available in thousands of colors. JB Martin’s diverse capabilities allow for supplying manufacturers and wholesalers with five yards, or fifty thousand yards and anything in-between.


JB Martin is a specialist in after finishing techniques. We offer embossing, printing and specialty finishing solutions. We work with a variety of designers to invent the next great velvet or to revitalize a fabulous antique or classic velvet.


JB Martin is the brand behind the brand. We supply a majority of the velvets that one will find at the world’s best retailers, wholesalers, hotels and public spaces. We are the velvet you will find on fine furniture, pillows, drapes and bedding when you are online, in the retail environment or leafing through the newest catalogues.